Birds Name in Hindi and English

There are thousands of different types of birds and for this simple reason, it can seem like an overwhelming task to learn all of the names of birds in the English language. But it doesn’t have to be a challenge. A great way to learn the names of birds in English is to attempt to remember five every day, slowly but surely adding new words to your arsenal and giving you the upper hand during any conversations that relate to birds.


Birds name

पक्षियों के नाम हिंदी तथा अंग्रेजी भाषा में (Pakshiyon ke Naam) :-

List of Birds Name

English (उच्चारण) हिंदी (Phonetic) Scientific Name
Bat (बैट) चमगादड़ (Chamgadad) Chiroptera
Cock (कॉक) मुर्गा (Murga) Gallus gallus domesticus
Crane (क्रेन) सारस (Saras) Gruidae
Crow (क्रो) कौआ (Kaua) Corvus brachyrhynchos
Cuckoo (कुकु) कोयल (Koyal)


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